Giving Old Friends the second chance that they deserve.

The rescue’s annual General Meeting was held Friday, November 30th at the farm. Deborah held a pot luck in her home and everyone got to choose from a variety of goodies including turkey, chicken, broccoli salad, and lots of different appetizers and desserts. A few glasses of red and white wine were also enjoyed!

After everyone had their seconds and thirds, Deborah called the meeting to order. We discussed the new website (which you are looking at right now!) and some of the features that it should include. An event calendar, adoption form, an email newsletter, and a form to sign up for upcoming shows were some of the suggestions. It was also suggested that the website should include a feature where those interested can sponsor horses that we know will forever be ‘Old Friends’. If you are interested in sponsoring a specific rescue horse, please contact us.

The rest of the meeting was spent discussing fundraising ideas, and how to save money on certain costs that the rescue has, like deworming the horses and giving them their vaccinations. Some of the fundraising ideas were a garage sale, a calendar (possibly featuring the Kelowna fire department, ladies??), and bottle drives. If you have any other ideas to help us raise money for the rescue horses, please let us know! 

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