Giving Old Friends the second chance that they deserve.

Savannah the Tennessee Walker who joined us in early spring has some problems with getting around, and we feared that she had a neurological problem. Deborah contacted the Pullman vet school to find out about the costs of an MRI and other exams, and started fundraising.

In the meantime Doc Greenwood did some tests and lots of radiographs and sent them to a radiologist for their opinion as well. We are cautiously optimistic about the news from Doc Greenwood, that it seems that a lot of Savannah’s issues might be due to the fact that she is a young, green Tennessee Walker who hasn’t found her feet yet – maybe some fixable soft tissue lameness.

Helen has spent some time with her and has seen a lot of improvement in only a few weeks, so we are hopeful that with some work we will be able to rehabilitate her. Savannah is so young; it would be great if she could get strong and healthy and have a real job in her life and ultimately an adoptive home where she can get lots of love.

Contact us to find out more about Savannah and how you can help!

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