Giving Old Friends the second chance that they deserve.

Last weekend OFC took in 2 new rescue horses. If you remember the story, these horses were only 2 out of the that were seized by the SPCA in Kamloops – Read the story here. 

We welcomed Granny and Snort to our rescue. Snort has been temporarily been renamed SNAPPLE which is a mix of snort and apple for Apple Flats!!  She is 22 years old and is partially blind, she doesn’t like to be without her partner in crime, Granny, who is 27 years old. As you can see in the picture, they really love each other! Granny has more than a bit of trouble chewing nowadays and so is happiest eating soaked hay cubes or out nibbling grass with Snapple in their own private pasture, on May 1st Helen even caught them at opposite ends of the pasture so we know they are comfortable here already and we are hoping they thrive.

OFC is looking for everyone’s help. If you can donate, it will go directly to their dental work and soft high alfalfa hay. We are also asking if you can go through your blankets to see if you have anything that can be donated,  we specifically need kool coats or other sun protectors as Granny also has melanoma. Granny and Snapple are a pony sized 13.1hh and 14hh they look so teeny next to our friesians and thoroughbreds.

Donate Here

You can donate via the link above, by e-transfer to or why not come by and say hello to the newbies and oldies here at Old Friends. Got more time than money and/or just love horses? Then why not come by and spend an afternoon with our rescue horses.

SPCA seizes 11 neglected horses in Kamloops

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