Giving Old Friends the second chance that they deserve.


Delia was an ex-racehorse.  She came to us in an urgent and sad state, having been badly cut by wire at her previous home and then left unattended for 3 months. Her leg was so mangled when she came to OFC that she could hardly get into the trailer.  She received emergency veterinary care and for several months her fate was questionable. To make matters worse, it turned out that she was pregnant with twins! Sadly, one foal died in utero and the other, shortly after birth. The twins are buried on the farm. Delia settled in well on the farm and enjoying peaceful days in the sun.


Rafferty was an old quarterhorse who came to us in 2002.  His previous owners felt that he was  too lame to keep and had decided to euthanize him.  Luckily, his veterinarians stepped in and offered to find him a home and Rafferty spent over 10 happy years at Old Friends Canada. His paddock buddy was another quarterhorse, a youngster of one year. He kept Raffy young and happy and they spent many happy hours trotting around together.


Molly was approximately 12 years old when she came to us for retirement. She was being used as a school pony and was quite unhappy. Molly was a Welsh/Shetland cross but had conformation difficulties. She enjoyed going for walks in hand around the neighbourhood, and we found out almost by accident that she is was a very good cart pony.