Giving Old Friends the second chance that they deserve.

Below is a list of rescue horses, and a little bit of their story. Some of these horses are looking for their forever homes, and some of them will forever be ‘Old Friends’. Please contact us for more information on a particular horse.


Alamo is a retired ranch Quarter Horse. He arrived needing a new home and has been very nervous. He has bonded with Riley and that helps his confidence. He is about 23 years old. Judging from his arthritis, Alamo must have had a heavy work life.


Ally came to us in the fall of 2022. Her owner had ‘long covid’, and was no longer able to work, so Ally had to get rehomed. Ally is blind in both eyes and we don’t know exactly why, but it is likely due to genetic reasons. She is a very sweet horse and is happiest if her buddy Willie is close by.


Aspen arrived in July of 2022, after being headed for slaughter. Judging from her joints, she must have been ridden very hard early in life. She is very nervous but has become more comfortable being with Savannah and Sox.


Chimo is a part draft horse rescued by a lady who took him off a feed truck. Unfortunately, she became very ill herself and after she later passed away he needed a new home. We are hoping he will learn how to drive this summer. Chimo is around 12 years old.

Choo Choo

Choo Choo is a miniature donkey who is about 25 years old. He is a stallion and too old to geld, so unfortunately can’t visit with the other Old Friends, due to risk of fighting. He has some volunteers who take him for walks around the property, which he loves. Choo Choo is the farm “watch dog” and always announces meal time on his clock, as well as warning if there are raccoons or strangers nearby.


Daisy is a very sweet off-the-track Thoroughbred about age 10. She is one of the few horses at Old Friends who is not lame and seems confident in her life as a horse. Daisy and Mocha enjoy being paddock mates and they vie for superiority at the hay pile, though neither of them appear to be starving.


His official race track name was “Atta-Boy-David”.  He survived the track in Arizona and California for 8 years, only to find himself in an auction instead of a retirement pasture!  Well, he found his forever home with OFC and although he had to have colic surgery a few years back, he survived!  David is extraordinarily friendly and enjoys wandering the farm during the day, visiting all of the other paddocks. This helps to keep him moving and eating… Anything to keep him eating!  He does get anxious, as is common with many ex-racehorses; he is also a cribber. We know to worry when we don’t see him cribbing!


Mocha is a retired Standardbred racing horse. She won over a quarter million dollars on the track, and then because she didn’t become pregnant she had to quickly find a new home. Since 4 years, OFC has now been Mocha’s forever home. Mocha is very happy with her friend Daisy.


Pirate is a mischievous Thoroughbred who came to the farm as a six year old. His racing name was “Make em Laugh”, although he never did race.  His personality is fabulous but unfortunately, his club foot has caused him much grief and as such, he can not be ridden.  Pirate has a wicked sense of humour and won’t hesitate to let you know his disappointment if ignored. He is a favourite with anyone who’s ever visited the farm.


Riley has had an unfortunate history and became blind in one eye. He is extremely anxious, but has improved greatly in his last 2 years at Old Friends. He is very happy to be with Alamo and his job on the farm is to learn to be comfortable on his own. Riley is sponsored by Dr. Veronica K.


Savannah is a Tennessee Walker horse and is often the star beauty attraction at the farm. She is timid but very sweet once she warms up to you. Often nicknamed “Savvy”, we think she is around fifteen years old. Savannah enjoys swimming in Okanagan Lake and Wood Lake.


Sox came to us since her owner had recently passed away. She had been dumped at his farm as payment for a shipping bill. Clearly, she had had a misfortunate background and was extraordinarily head shy and frightened. She has become very comfortable now and is ridden by Emily who works at the farm. Emily is the only person that Sox really trusts. 


Wilbur is about eight years old. He’s a Thoroughbred who never went to the track. His owner was advised to have him euthanized as he damaged his foot severely in a barb wire fence when he was just a year old. She nursed him back to health, and Wilbur grew up thinking he was a big dog, so we refer to him affectionately as a pocket pony. Sadly, his previous owner got sick and passed away, so he came to OFC about two years ago. Him and Pirate have similar goofy Thoroughbred personalities. 


Willie is an old pack horse who was found here in Lake Country, by one of Old Friends’ volunteers, in very poor condition. He came to us with severe respiratory problems and lameness. Now he enjoys his retirement and takes good care of Ally, his blind friend next door. Willie has been to the lake several times and enjoys the water immensely.